The Graffeo Cravatte Company History

It all began when, in 1995, Giuseppe Graffeo, a businessman of the fashion industry, chose to promote his own creations instead of the ones of other brands. From this decision gave birth the brand Graffeo Ties in the fashion world, with a company making of this fashion accessory his business core. His art is expressed through the sartorial creations of original men accessories including Ties, Scarves, Papillon and Pochette. Unique pieces, entirely made by hand destined to acquire value over the time until being considered as a real and proper work of arts. We gave to the peculiarity and unicity of any single creations our signature style, with the opportunity to achieve in just a few years after the birth more than 100 resellers in all the parts of Italy. On the 29th of October 2018 Graffeo Ties decided to open itself to the whole world going on the web, and becoming a solid online reality, ready to win all the challenges of this world full of opportunities.


Giuseppe Graffeo Stilista di Cravatte Sartoriali Siciliane di Lusso

Giuseppe Graffeo

Founder & Stylist
Enrico Lo Medico Sales Manager di Graffeo Cravatte

Enrico Lo Medico

Sales Manager
Giuseppe Laon Esperto Contabile di Graffeo Cravatte

Giuseppe Laon

Sergio Crimi Business Manager di Graffeo Cravatte

Sergio Crimi

Business Manager


Francesca Bianco Sarta Cucitrice di Graffeo Cravatte

Francesca Bianco

Francesca Accardo Sarta Cucitrice di Graffeo Cravatte

Francesca Accardo

Brigitta Calvaruso Sarta Cucitrice di Graffeo Cravatte

Brigitta Calvaruso

Mariagrazia Settipani Sarta Cucitrice di Graffeo Cravatte

Mariagrazia Settipani

Salvo Di Carlo Cutter di Graffeo Cravatte

Salvo Di Carlo

Jose Ferrara Logistics Manager di Graffeo Cravatte

Josè Ferrara

Logistics Manager