Vita Da Carlo

Vita Da Carlo

If you are a lover of Italian comedy, you will be able to find of course many of Graffeo's accessories there.

Specifically, in the comedy TV series 'Vita da Carlo', which takes you into the world of the extraordinary actor, director and screenwriter Carlo Verdone, between reality and invention.

Many well-known faces from Italian show business appear as themselves or play roles such as: Max Tortora, Alessandro Haber, Anita Caprioli, Monica Guerritore, Maria Paiato.
The story is about a character on a break from himself and about an author in search of himself, in his veins and little foibles.

An all-Italian comedy, in which it is easy to mirror ourselves and where the characteristic points are undoubtedly: self-irony, intelligent humour and elegance.
Elegance that Graffeo helps to achieve thanks to its exclusive accessories featured in the series.

All you have to do is discover the entire Graffeo Collection used in "Vita Da Carlo" and let yourself be charmed by its unique colours and patterns.

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