Purple like the sea

Viola come il mare

Graffeo Ties is back on TV with a new collaboration with Lux Vide. From Friday 30 September onwards on Channel 5 the new TV series: "Violet like the sea”. Francesca Chillemi and Can Yaman find themselves in Palermo as the journalist Viola Vitale and the Detective Chief Inspector Francesco Demir. The cast also includes Chiara Tron (Tamara), Simona Cavallari (Claudia, the director of the online newspaper for which both Viola and Tamara work), Giovanni Nasta (Turi D'Agata, Inspector Demir's assistant), Romano Reggiano (Raniero Sammartano, an entrepreneur who falls in love with Viola), David Coco (as prosecutor Santo Buscemi).

Viola has decided to return to Palermo after spending most of the last years of her career as a journalist in Paris, following the latest fashion news. She wants to return to her origins with the aim of finding the father she never knew. But her new job is a million miles away from the world of fashion: she has to deal with crime news.
The Chief Inspector and the journalist will find themselves working side by side on murder cases. At the beginning they will encounter quite a few difficulties, but in a short time they will understand that their collaboration is precious, also because Viola can count on a particular gift: synesthesia.   Synesthesia is the spontaneous and uncontrolled overlapping of several senses. In Viola's case, she associates colours with emotions. When she sees a person, that person transmits to her the perception of a colour, which allows her to read their deeper emotion. Viola learns to use this gift to better understand the soul of the people she meets. But behind the synesthesia is hidden a bigger secret, linked to the real reason for her return to Palermo: her father.

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