The best days

I migliori giorni

Graffeo Cravatte returns to TV with a new collaboration. Released on January 1, 2023, "The Best Days" is a 2023 comedy film directed by Edoardo Leo and Massimiliano Bruno with Edoardo Leo and Anna Foglietta. Duration: 125 min. Distributed in Italy by Vision Distribution. Country of production: Italy.

An episodic film, it follows various stories and characters: a woman involved in politics hopes to gain support for the future by inviting her party secretary to Christmas Eve dinner; an entrepreneur tries to revive his image by spending New Year's Eve at a soup kitchen; a couple celebrates Valentine's Day, or at least tries to given the presence of their respective lovers. Finally, on March 8, a successful TV presenter publicly apologized after a report on the "ideal woman" that created chaos on social media.

Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Women's Day. Four anniversaries that unite but often divide, for various reasons, and which are told here through as many episodes.

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