Don Matteo 13

The TV series Don Matteo, on air in prime time on Rai 1, chooses Graffeo accessories for its thirteenth edition. Popular and successful actors who have now reached the hearts of television spectators are back to give us smiles and emotions:
  • Terence Hill - Don Matteo, parish priest of Santa Eufemia in Spoleto
  • Raoul Bova - Don Massimo, new parish priest who replaces Don Matteo in Spoleto from the fifth episode of the thirteenth season
  • Nino Frassica - Maresciallo Cecchini, Police Marshal and friend of Don Matteo
  • Nathalie Guetta - She is the housekeeper, first, of Don Matteo and then of Don Massimo
  • Francesco Scali - Sacristan, first, of Don Matteo and then of Don Massimo
In the heart of Umbria, a parish priest with a flair for investigation, collaborates with Marshal Cecchini revealing intrigues and solving cases thanks to his innate intuition and wide knowledge of the human soul. And then the love affairs, the laughs of the friends he hosts in the rectory, the gags and... the Graffeo accessories worn by the protagonists! You just have to discover them all and choose your favourite to make your look truly unique. We're waiting for you now on our website...

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