Bride in Red

Sposa in Rosso

Graffeo Cravatte returns to the big screen with a new all-Italian collaboration, a comedy genre film directed by Gianni Costantino with Eduardo Noriega and Sarah Felberbaum. Distributed in Italy by Fenix ​​​​Entertainment.

Roberta and Leòn, precarious forty-year-olds looking for redemption, stage a fake wedding in Puglia to pocket the money from the envelopes that the guests give to the bride and groom. The accomplices are the quick-change artist Giorgio, Leòn's mentor friend, and the nonconformist Giada, Roberta's aunt. The obstacles are the bride's family members. The suffocating mother Lucrezia, the paranoid brother Sauro and the crazy father Alberto. In a whirlwind of unexpected events it won't be easy for the protagonists to get the revenge they deserve. And maybe something more.

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