Star in the Star

Star in the Star

Graffeo Cravatte returns to TV with a new collaboration with Star in the Star, a talent show that airs from 16 September to 14 October 2021 in prime time on Canale 5 for a total of five episodes. The management is entrusted to Ilary Blasi. The program is the Italian adaptation of a German format which in turn is inspired by the South Korean program Bongmyeon ga-wang.

The contestants are more or less well-known personalities from the world of entertainment and music who compete in imitating an internationally renowned singer, who is called a legend within the program. At the beginning of the competition, each competitor is assigned a legend to imitate which remains the same for the entire duration of the broadcast. In each episode the contestants compete in five heats during which they perform playbacks, live, with covers, medleys and the hits of the legend they imitate. The different tests are evaluated with scores from one to five which are assigned by the fan clubs of the real singers impersonated by the participants in the broadcast. At the end of each episode there is a duel between the two competitors with the highest scores to decide the best and there is the show-down, a challenge between the two contenders with the lowest scores at the end of which a jury chooses who needs to be eliminated. The contestant who must leave the program is stripped of the legend's clothes and his identity is made known. The winner of the edition is chosen with a final clash between the last two legends remaining in the race. The outcome is decided by the audience present in the studio.

Among the best-known contestants of the first Italian edition of the program are Ronn Moss, the historic Ridge Forrester of The Bold and the Beautiful who plays Paul McCartney; Luca Laurenti who plays Claudio Baglioni; Adriano Pappalardo imitating Zucchero; Daniela Martani, former contestant of the ninth edition of Big Brother, who has the task of mimicking Madonna. The jury, however, is made up of Marcella Bella, Claudio Amendola and Andrea Pucci. The Italian singer Syria triumphed, thanks to her interpretation of Loredana Bertè.

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